Daniel Patterson Graphic Design

Hello, I’m Daniel Patterson, a graphic designer located in Carmarthen, South West Wales, UK. Creating and developing thoughtful brands, logo identities and websites is what I do best.

My Story

I’ve been hooked on design ever since I released my first website at 14 years old (I thought it was the bomb!). However, developing excellence in design was a concept I’d live and breathe a little later at university.


Is that an Irish accent?” I hear you ask.

Why yes; that’s very perceptive of you. I was born in Belfast, Northern Ireland and lived there until I graduated.

So how did you end up in Wales?

Good question, I married a Welsh girl and headed to the beautiful land of Wales. This led me to creating websites, developing brands and designing marketing material full-time for John Deere’s and Jacuzzi’s main appointed dealers in South West Wales.

Since then my full-time, self-employed work has extended to clients across the UK including individuals, start-ups and established businesses and organisations. There is no better feeling than seeing my work positively impacting a business or helping organisations achieve their goals. After all, that’s what I am here for – to make a difference and get results. Simply put, I love it.


When I’m not designing you’ll find me reading, taking photographs, trying to make my guitar sound good, hanging out with my family, working out with friends, leading a local youth group or … designing!

So, what do you say? How about telling me your story over a cup of coffee?

Want to work with me? Get in touch.