It was a beautiful weekend at the end of May, in Wales, UK when we decided just to head out and test-drive the brand new Syma X8G drone that my wife bought me for my 30th birthday., give it a go and yes, I did … I crashed

And YES … I crashed it!

If you’d like to see the footage captured by this entry-level, 1080p drone … and of course the crash, watch the video in this blog post.

I don’t go into any detail about the drone in this video, but I do give a quick overview and show you some close-ups.

The interchangeable camera (could be swapped for a GoPro camera) is fantastic for what it is. It records 1080p in 30fps and attaches right underneath the drone. You can also use it in 720p to achieve 60fps for a x2 slow motion effect to get that silky smooth flight feel.

You can take photographs at any time using a button on the controller to capture stunning viewpoints of any landscape.

I will write another blog and record another video in the not too distant future so you can compare this entry-level drone with other similar and top-end drones.


Tell me in the comments section below, did you have any gifts given to you on your birthday recently? What did you get? Have you ever had any experience flying drones? I could really do with some tips.

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