What is Brand Identity?

For many, a brand is a logo, a name, an unattainable status achieved by the likes of Apple, Coca Cola and Nike. I don’t agree.

Every business has a brand. Yes, even your local butcher or hairdresser. Because branding isn’t about global marketing campaigns. It’s about making a connection with people.

And as humans we connect with brands in many different ways – a conversation with a member of staff, a message via an advertising campaign, a website, a piece of packaging, an email, a mobile app or an experience in a shop, office or space.

In fact, our perceptions of a brand are made up of everything we see and hear about it. Customers are often introduced to a brand through its logo design but branding extends to how we feel and experience the business.

Every business has a brand but not every business has great branding.Great branding sets you apart from your competitors and creates confidence with your customers. It allows customers to quickly and easily establish who you are, what you do and whether they should trust you.

That’s why I consider every aspect of the brand experience. I help each client define exactly what makes their brand special and I design solutions to ensure every interaction with that brand is finely tuned to make the right connection with the right people.

When you create a truly powerful, truly long-lasting brand, you are making a wise investment in your company’s future. Once completed, you will have a branding tool that will last the test of time and return many fold what you put into it.

It starts with strategy and it ends in results.